The Legendary Limericks of Boxing Rock

The Legend of the Vicar's Cross

There was once an unorthodox vicar With a penchant for blessing the liquor And when beer brewed with Ed Has gone to your head You’ll see lights on the altarpiece flicker

The Legend of Hunky Dory

There’s a beer in its own category I daresay it’s celebratory A little bit fruity This flavourful beauty Deserves to be called Hunky Dory

The Legendary Pint

We all have our personal preferences Based on subjective experiences But lend me your ear And I’ll buy you a beer We can cheerfully settle our differences

The Legend of Emily & Henry

It’s the story of two engineers Who decided to change their careers So they focused their brains Fermented their grains And concocted some premium beers

The Legend of Boxing Rock

There’s a place certain fishermen know And where sailors might settle a row Turn away from the dock Till you reach Boxing Rock It appears when the tide is quite low

The Legend of Boxing Rock II

When sailors can’t seem to agree They get dropped at a rock in the sea But instead of a fray They can drink IPA Till they’re friendly as sailors can be

The Legend of Boxing Rock III

On a rock only twelve paces wide Disappearing with every high tide Would you put up your fists Or drink till you’re pissed? It is really so hard to decide?